Free job search advice Dec. 27 & 28

The employment situation is slowly beginning to show signs of recovery.  However, even as hiring accelerates in the coming year, the job market will remain competitive and difficult to navigate.  To help the nation’s job seekers overcome the obstacles and improve their chances of success, global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas will suspend normal business operations on December 27 and 28 to provide free job search advice to callers from anywhere in the U.S.

The firm’s 25th annual two-day national job search call-in will run from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST both days.  The telephone number is 312-422-5010.  Job seekers can get more information about the call-in at Continue reading


Goal-oriented employers seek goal-oriented employees

Have you wondered how to distinguish yourself from competitors in your search for a new job?

An effective approach is to prove you are a goal-oriented employee.  In this respect, your most important forum is the face-to-face interview.

It always is a good idea to sell yourself as a goal-oriented employee because employers are goal-oriented themselves.  One of their goals is to find the best qualified people who can make an immediate contribution to the company’s bottom line.  They also have specific objectives for company growth, and are looking for people who will fit easily into the organization and perform capably with a minimal amount of downtime acclimating to the new work routine.

The interview is the make-or-break point in your job hunt.  If you do not make an outstanding impression, you will not be offered the job.  If you demonstrate your ability to set and meet goals, no matter what the time constraints, you will help distinguish yourself from the six or more other job seekers who are being seriously considered for the same position. Continue reading


The first five minutes of any job interview are critical in the selection process.

For candidates seeking employment at a job fair, an initial interview with a company may last only five minutes.

A job seeker has to be qualified in order to get the job but there will always be several other people who are equally qualified as far as the interviewer is concerned.

In the end, you will be hired because the interviewer personally likes you the best, not necessarily because you are the most qualified in the field of candidates.  And many interviewers, especially in a job fair situation, will know whether or not he or she likes you the best within the first five minutes!

First impressions are vital, knowing that the interviewer will be speaking with several candidates within a short period of time.  If you do not make a good impression immediately, the chances are that you will not be able to recover, however excellent your qualifications are for the job.  It is a sobering thought to the average job seeker.  It means that you have little margin for error in presenting yourself.  If you do make a mistake or present yourself in an unfavorable manner in the interviewer’s opinion, you have erased your likability factor. Continue reading


As retirement funds become depleted due to the dismal economy, more older job candidates are competing for employment.  Companies, thirsting for skilled workers with experience, are welcoming them with open arms.

Views held of older workers are changing rapidly.  In the recent past, it was widely believed that older workers were less productive, had more workplace injuries and cost employers more in healthcare and other benefits.

None of these statements is true.  Studies show older workers are just as productive as when they were younger, can contribute as much as their younger counterparts, are more dependable and have better problem-solving abilities than younger workers.

A growing number of employers recognize this and are seeking more experienced workers.

However, there are still many older job seekers having a difficult time getting a job.  The easiest explanation for some of these older job candidates is that age discrimination is blocking their entry into the labor force.

In reality, the only roadblocks to employment are most likely self-imposed.  Many older workers simply need to believe in themselves, be more assertive in their job-search efforts and make sure that age is a non-issue. Continue reading