Career Star Group

Who We Are

Career Star Group is an international alliance of the worlds’ leading Career Transition and Outplacement providers.

Our strength lies in our ability to harness the very best local solutions and job-market understanding, thereby ensuring the best possible outcomes for your people and giving your organisation the confidence to know that your career transition needs are in safe and highly capable hands.

Career Star Group organisations are uniquely positioned to support client needs – whether that need is to support a single Board Director or assist with the closure of a manufacturing facility. All our people understand that this can be a challenging time for both those affected as well as those having to manage the process.

Experience counts, and with the most of the Career Star Group organisations occupying the 1st or 2nd ranked position in their national market, we are able to create innovative and meaningful solutions no matter how complex the situation you are facing.

Our Career Star Group “Global Management Team” hold significant commercial and account management experience and, allied to a suite of impressive management reporting, are able to coordinate your changes globally, keeping you informed as to progress during the change process.


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