Weekly Bulletin: Data Breaches, Polar Vortex, Retail Cuts

Data Breaches Could Create Jobs Recent large-scale data breaches at retailers such as Target, Neiman Marcus, and Michaels have made waves recently as thousands of consumers scramble to recover or track their credit. The events may have an unexpected outcome, however, as more companies begin to hire experts to ensure data protection, according to workplace authority John Challenger. “IT-professionals, consultants, or lawyers versed in data privacy and protection may see an influx of opportunities as companies protect against this kind of theft. Regulations such as HIPPA have standards in place for some industries, but wide-scale, comprehensive data protection laws do not exist yet. Despite this, data theft at Target and other retailers in recent months have shown companies that they must be prepared for this sort of attack,” said Challenger. Technology is listed by many to be the top industry in 2014 with expected growth of 23 percent. Information security analysts will most likely see increased growth, according to US News & World’s rankings. “While data theft is a terrible threat, the silver-lining may be more job opportunities for our nation’s unemployed.” What other jobs might be created in the coming years? What industries will see increased job growth? 

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