Call-In Survey: Seekers Confident, But Long-Term Joblessness Persists

As the economy and job market continue to regain strength, job seekers are slowly becoming more confident, as evidenced by a survey of callers to an annual job-search advice hotline, 63 percent of whom believed they would find new employment in under six months.  That was up from 55 percent who said the same a year ago. 

While confidence is on the rise, the problem of long-term unemployment persists.  More than one-third (36 percent) of callers said they had been out of work for a year or longer.  That was down only slightly from a year ago when 39 percent of callers were jobless for over a year.  Furthermore, 44 percent of this year’s employed callers characterized themselves as being underemployed, compared to 39 percent who said so in 2012. 

The survey results are based on a random sampling of approximately 1,000 callers to a job-search advice helpline offered annually by global outplacement and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.  The percentage of unemployed callers was virtually unchanged from a year ago, with 68 percent saying they were currently out of work.

Get the full report here.



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