Bloomberg Breach Reminder of Online Privacy Issues

The recent news of Bloomberg reporters using financial data monitoring terminals sold by a separate division of the company to track customer activity, specifically at Goldman Sachs, emphasizes the stunning lack of privacy we encounter when we connect to the internet. While these products were not meant to be used in this way, reports from Forbes and the New York Times suggest that reporters were trained on these terminals to uncover customer browsing and get an edge on the 24/7 financial news cycle. In one instance, after a user of the product failed to log in to the terminal consistently, a reporter contacted the company to see if that person had left. “While this is an overt display of privacy invasion and disrespect for the customer, the fact is that our perpetual connection to the internet, on cell phones, laptops, and tablets, opens us up to intense and unceasing scrutiny,” warns John Challenger, CEO of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. “We must constantly keep in mind how our actions online reflect on us individually, both professionally and personally. Every time you sign up for a product online or a social media profile, a dossier of personal information is collected, maintained, bought and sold, and made searchable. We often hear of how a misguided or cynical tweet or Facebook post costs someone a job. This situation goes beyond ensuring your personal brand is cultivated by you and only you, and that you use social media as a public reflection of yourself, but it is a reminder that our connection to the internet does not stop with just the people we know.” What are best practices when using social media, both as a job seeker and an employee? What trends may emerge with the use of the internet as a way of tracking potential employees or employers?




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