Despite High Unemployment, Companies Struggling to Fill Openings

While recent reports indicate a softening job market heading into the summer, one new study reveals that some of the slowdown in hiring may be due to a lack of talent.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover survey, there were 3,416,000 job openings at the end of April.  That was down from 3,741,000 job openings in March, but it was still significantly higher than the 3,014,000 openings the previous April.  Unfortunately, these openings appear more and more difficult to fill.  In a new survey by CareerBuilder, 38 percent of employers reported having positions for which they cannot find qualified candidates.  One-third (34 percent) reported that job vacancies have resulted in a lower quality of work due to employees being overworked, and 23 percent cited a loss in revenue.  What steps can be taken to alleviate the widening skills gap?  With labor force immobility contributing to the shortage of skilled workers, what can companies and local governments do to help get workers with the right skills to the places where they are most needed?  


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