McDonald’s National Hiring Day To Create 50,000 McJobs

Today is McDonald’s National Hiring Day, the day the national restaurant chain plans to add 50,000 new workers to its ranks.  An impossible task, you say?  Not necessarily, when you consider that the chain has more than 14,000 restaurants across the country, which means that each one will be adding about 3 to 4 new employees.  What makes this Hiring Day so significant is that in one day one employer will account for roughly 10 percent of the monthly hiring completed by the entire accommodation and food services industry, which has averaged about 500,000 new hires per month over the last six months.  And, while some would like to discount these new jobs as low-skill, hourly-wage positions, Challenger, Gray & Christmas CEO John Challenger says these are precisely the types of jobs that are needed to address the highest rates of unemployment, which currently exist among teenagers (24.5%) and those over 25 without college degrees (10.5%).  These McJobs often offer a springboard to bigger and better opportunities.  According to McDonald’s, more than half of its franchisees, 75 percent of its managers, and many of its corporate staff and executive leadership started behind the counter.  Additionally, the company maintains a scholarship program, offers advanced management training at its HamburgerUniversity, and gives restaurant managers the chance to earn college credit.  Does the McDonald’s hiring level indicate a stronger economy?  What other opportunities exist for teen job seekers this summer?  What other industries and companies are announcing big hiring plans?


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