Rising Gas Prices Could Force EV Issue

The USaverage gas price is near $4 a gallon, according to the latest readings.  Many industries, including airlines, shipping companies, landscaping firms, and vacation destinations and businesses that offer delivery services will see the impact of higher fuel prices on their bottom line and may be forced to pass these costs onto consumers or find savings through layoffs. However, some employers may instead turn to electric and hybrid vehicles.  Technology news website CNET recently listed the 25 US electric vehicle-ready cities as identified by US automaker Ford Motor Company.  It included Chicago, Dallas, New York, Denver, Orlando and Seattle. Ford predicts that over the next 12 months, 18,000 charging stations will be installed and over 20 types of electric vehicles will be on the market. The development will certainly help boost hiring.  So far in 2011, the auto industry has hired 7,103 workers, while announcing 3,668 layoffs, according to Challenger tracking.  Meanwhile, a report in human resources trade publication Workforce Management indicated that Ford, GM and Chrysler are expected to add 36,000 jobs by 2015. Which industries could see the most impact from rising gas prices? Who, if anyone, will likely benefit? Could rising gas prices reverse the momentum of the recovery?


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