Social networking not the key to a job

Human resources industry publication Workforce Management ( included this handy pie chart in the most recent edition of its e-newsletter on recruiting.  For job seekers, it would not be a bad idea to seek out publications that target human resource executives and recruiters in particular, in order to obtain valuable insight on how they approach the process of finding the right people for their companies.

This chart is especially enlightening.  More and more job seekers are under the impression that the key to success is simply opening a LinkedIn account.  LinkedIn and other social/professional networking sites certainly have their place in the job search.  However, they represent just one tool in the job seeker’s toolbox.  As you can see in these charts, social networking and social media is increasingly used as a way to find potential candidates, but the percentage of actual hires that resulted from those social media efforts is still very low.


One thought on “Social networking not the key to a job

  1. This is a great example of why you should never leave any stone unturned, you just never know when a great opportunity will prevail! Most (up to 85%) of jobs are filled through personal networking that is why I recommend talking with family and friends, attend professional events, perform community service, keep up with industry news, informational interviewing, and using LinkedIn.Good luck with the job! We at Burchard and Associates have an Executive Recruiting Blog with news and great tips!

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