The Dangers Of The Facebook Status Update

Should Workers Feel More Secure About Facebook Postings?

Earlier this month the National Labor Relations Board reached a settlement with an ambulance service company that fired an employee for bad mouthing her boss on Facebook.  The ruling, which compels the company to revise is overly broad rules regarding social media, is undoubtedly prompting other employers around the country to review their policies as well.  Regardless of the ruling, employees should not take this as invitation to start slamming their boss or co-workers on Facebook or other social media platforms, according to workplace authority John A. Challenger CEO of global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas.  “The worker in this particular case was a member of a union.  Most workers are not union members and most work in states that have at-will employment rules, meaning that unless you are part of a legally protected class, employers can fire you for almost any reason.  And, members of Facebook are not a protected class.”  Challenger says that even if it doesn’t result in termination, bad-mouthing your boss whether on Facebook or at the water cooler is never a good career move.  He also points out that prospective employers could end up seeing your Facebook posts and decide not to hire you.  What are the dangers of making negative comments about employer, co-workers, supervisors on social networks, such as Facebook?  How can social networks be used to enhance your career and/or job search? 


One thought on “The Dangers Of The Facebook Status Update

  1. well, ive just been pulled for this – telling the world on facebook of incompetencies of the company i work for, and i received a phone call. not only am i member of a union, but i am a union official, so i shoved the human rights act up their backside.

    i was hoping to get sacked, then sue for thousands..but they know me too well.

    anyone want representation in th uk, give me call as always im happy to help – email below.

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