Smart phone with data plan

This may be beyond the financial reach of many kids, but teens with summer jobs can maybe chip in with mom to get dad a smart phone that will allow him to not only make and receive calls while he is out interviewing, but also receive and respond quickly to emails. More and more recruiters are using electronic communications and not seeing an email in response to an interview request until the end of the day could be a set back. At the very least, kids can probably teach their dad the ins and outs of operating these tech devices.

Help with Inter-networking

Networking is critical in a successful job search and the Internet and social networking sites represent powerful new tools for connecting with professionals, friends, family, former classmates, etc. For mid-career managers this form of “Internetworking” is a new experience with which they may be unfamiliar or uncomfortable. For young people, however, these new methods of communication are second nature.

Online job searching services

The most effective use of a job seeker’s day is to be out meeting with people and interviewing. Sitting in front of the computer, scouring job boards and employer websites for opportunities, is something that should be reserved for night time. Unfortunately, that does not leave much time for exploring the large haystack that is the Internet. This is where Net-savvy kids can be very helpful. Provided with some search criteria and job details, kids can be very productive ad researchers.

Ironing services

The loss of dad’s income is likely to lead to cutbacks in household spending, particularly on discretionary extras, such as lawn care, house cleaning services and dry cleaning. However, dad needs to look his best on job interviews, so kids can give the gift of laundering and ironing dad’s shirts, making sure his shoes are polished and taking care of other household chores like mowing the lawn and taking out the garbage (without being asked).

Fun, low-cost weekends

Finding a job is a full-time job. It is important to leave the rigors of the job search behind on the weekends in order to recharge. The worst thing one can do is sit around and stew about the frustrations of unemployment. Kids can help by putting off their own weekend plans with friends to focus on keeping dad occupied with low-budget family activities, whether it’s renting movies, game night or a day at the zoo.



  1. Great ideas, the fun low cost weekend idea is a really nice and relatively simple idea, but without limiting the fun potential.

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