Teen Summer Job Search Tips


Search where others are not. Outdoor jobs involving heavy labor or behind-the-scenes jobs are often not as sought-after by teen job seekers.

Look for odd jobs at odd hours. Offer to work evening and night shifts and to fill in for vacationing employees. As a job-search strategy, conduct a search for these types of positions during the hours they operate.

Become a door-to-door salesman when selling your skills. Do what good salesmen do — start on one block and go from business to business, door to door. Don’t simply ask for an application. Take the time to introduce yourself and build some rapport with the hiring manager.

Call relatives. Young people have not built much of a network; at least, the type of network needed to find a job. Relatives are often the best source for information on job leads.

Be a job-search ninja. Wait outside the store or offices of a prospective employer to attempt to intercept a hiring manager upon his or her arrival.

Dress for the part. Even if you are applying to work on a road crew, show up to all interviews in nice clothes. You want the interviewer to focus on you and your skills, not on your ripped jeans and paint-splattered t-shirt.

Be Punctual. If the interviewer says to be there at 4pm, don’t stroll in around 4:30. Customarily, interviewees should show up about 10-15 minutes before the designated time. You don’t want to show up too early; that may be viewed as a bother to the busy employer. Once you land a position, make sure to arrive on time for your shifts.

Turn Off The Cell Phone. Just like at a movie theater, cell phone noise is distracting, especially during a job interview or on-the-job training. Turn the cell phone completely off or set it to silent. Nothing is more off-putting to an employer than the constant buzz of incoming text-messages or phone calls. This includes MP3 players and video gaming devices. Your attention should be directed toward the task at hand at all times.

Don’t Forget To Smile. We all know how intimidating a job interview can be; however, if you think of it as just another conversation, you may be able to relax. Take a moment to breathe and smile from time to time. Employers want someone who is upbeat and has a good attitude, so make sure to display these attributes in the interview and while on the job.


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