Should I include non-professional jobs on the resume?

In this economy, it has been necessary for many people to find any job to make ends meet.  Often times, these jobs are not in the individual’s primary or desired industry or occupation.  So if you are seeking a sales management job or a marketing job, do you include the six-month stint serving coffee at the local cafe on your resume?

The answer is yes, particularly if you had responsibilities and/or accomplishments in this non-professional position that are applicable in any job situation.  Did you manage a staff?  Did you improve some operational element for the employer?

You should also list any contract work, volunteer work or hobby that could relate to the job you’re applying for and list any positives that may have resulted.  Keep it honest, short and to the point.

Most employers would rather see that you were working in some capacity versus seeing a long employment gap on the resume.


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