Job Search Advice Questions

Due to the overwhelming response to our annual two-day free  job-search advice call-in, we were unable to take everyone’s calls and questions.   We have invited those who could not reach our counselors to submit their questions via email (  While we cannot respond to every email we receive, we will do our best to address many of the questions posed in this blog.  Unfortunately, we cannot review resumes or provide specific job leads.

Please visit this site often to see if we have addressed your issue.  We invite everyone to leave comments, but we ask that the dialogue remain focused on the job search and helping fellow readers with personal experience, advice or suggestions.  Any comments deemed to be off-topic or inappropriate will be removed.

Thank you and we look forward to your questions.


One thought on “Job Search Advice Questions

  1. If you are out of work for 2 years (approx 1 due to medical condition and 1 due to subsequent layoff) how do you handle the problem of not having current references? Would this make it easier/necessary to try to transfer to a new field or do self employment?

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