A Note On Being "Well-Liked"

The idea that an employee needs to be liked by his employer is echoed far and wide by career counselors and executive advisors. It is not to say, that your superior must be your “buddy” or even someone with whom you would invite over to your home. Rather, when we say, “make sure you are well-liked,” we’re suggesting that you put some of the following into practice:

1) Be polite and responsive to your employers’ requests. Obviously, you should be practicing good manners in the work place. A “good morning” or “how are you” does, in fact, go a long way. Additionally, when you are asked to complete assignments, or even asked to take on a special project, you do it in a timely, polite manner.

2) You do not need to come right out and ask if you are well-liked. In addition to being “well-liked,” Challenger advises that you make sure you have adequate “face time” with your employer – make sure they know who you are and what you are contributing to the company. Therefore, it’s not a bad idea to schedule 10 minutes or so every six months to discuss your workload and performance with your boss – not to be confused with already scheduled performance reviews – this would be more of an informal discussion. Let your employers know what you are doing.

3) In several industries, having projects determines whether or not you keep your job (i.e. manufacturing, engineering, advertising, direct sales, etc.) In addition to getting that face time, let your employer know that you are interested in going above and beyond. This is not sucking up, it is taking an active interest in advancing not only your career, but also the interests of the company.

These tips should aid job seekers, and those who already have positions in addressing career moves. Thanks!

Colleen Madden

Research Consultant


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