Networking BreakThrough Tips

Jan Marino, Executive Advisor

Networking today is a must for successful job seekers. Most of us want to make the networking process easier and we’ve been hoping the web would help us out. One of the best tools available is LinkedIn®. If you’re like most of us, you’ve received several invitations to join LinkedIn®. You sit and stare at your screen and think “what IS this website and how do I use it”? Here are a few facts and tips to help you out:

LinkedIn® is a business-oriented website launched in 2003 for online professional business networking. It has 20 million users from 150 different industries.

  1. LinkedIn® is a free service, but you can also upgrade and receive more tools for a monthly free.
  2. The website address is
  3. It’s perfect for job seekers because you can market your skills easily. Use LinkedIn® as your mini website.
  4. Promote yourself by directing people to your LinkedIn® page when you send out emails. Include your public profile address under your signature.
  5. Include your LinkedIn® profile address on your business card.

LinkedIn® provides a profile page where you can highlight your current and past business positions, education, as well as industry specialization. In addition, you can write a summary about yourself to talk about your skills, experience and uniqueness. There is also space for your picture and I recommend that you invest in a professional head shot so that you convey your professionalism.

LinkedIn® will never take the place of face-to-face networking, but they are very useful tools to “warm” up cold calls, research target companies and make connections. They are excellent for job seekers who need to market and brand themselves and reinforce that “WOW” factor.

Feel free to view my LinkedIn® page at and visit my blog at


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