Welcome to The Challenger Job Hunt

For the last two decades, The Job Hunt column has provided job seekers with sound advice and guidence on the latest issues and trends impact the job search.  The column is authored by James E. Challenger, the founder and president of global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.  Established in the early 1960s, the firm was the first to provide counseling and training to individuals making the transition from job loss to re-employment.

This unique job-search counseling program, which takes a “tough love” approach,  is paid for by the individual’s former employer, so it is available to only a limited population.  The Job Hunt column was created to give job seekers who do not have access to Challenger’s program the opportunity to learn about the techniques, issues and solutions that the firm’s counselors provide to clients on a daily basis.

The Job Hunt appears in the classified section in more than 20 newspapers around the country as well as on several online outlets.  For the first time, The Challenger Job Hunt will be available online through this blog.  Columns will be added regularly, so please visit the site frequently.


One thought on “Welcome to The Challenger Job Hunt

  1. Bankruptcy: Following a financially devastating divorce, I had to file bankruptcy to protect my retirement accounts. When do prospective employers see this, and how can I address this? My bankruptcy debts were discharged and the case is closed.

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