Gas Prices Change Everything

We came across an interesting report this morning on high gas prices (there are so many these days). Sales of manual or electric lawn mowers are rising, albeit modestly, while more common, gasoline-powered mower sales are dropping off, according to this AP report. Consumers are evidently looking anywhere they can to cut costs as summer gas prices gear up…and up and up.

We’ve already written about the harsh consequences of ever-rising gas prices: stay-at-home vacations, employer-aided transportation costs, 4-day work weeks, etc. Our firm recently took a survey which found that over 50 percent of employers are helping workers with increased gas costs – something CEO John Challenger discussed on the Today Show.

Here are a few ways to cut down on gas costs:

4-day work weeks

Organized car pools

Employer-subsidized public transportation

Shuttle services


Bicycling or walking to work

What has your company done, if anything?


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