Our Boss On Today!

This month, our firm released a report on the effects of high gas costs on the workplace: what employers are doing to help, how employees are changing their behavior, etc. Our survey found that 57 percent of employers offer some type of program designed to alleviate increased commuting costs, the most popular of which is a condensed work-week, giving workers a day off from transportation costs. Our boss CEO John Challenger is talking about the report on the Today Show tomorrow morning, and we here at Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. couldn’t be more excited.

This report, of course, is not the only one our researchers issue. Each month, we release a job cut report, detailing the number of layoffs companies have announced in that particular month. It stands as a useful indicator on our economic conditions and is often cited in reputable media sources, such as the New York Times, Associated Press and Reuters among others. We have recently, and not all-together surprisingly seen an upward trend in the number of layoffs employers have announced, mostly concentrated in the automotive, retail, transportation and the very hard-hit financial sectors. In May, for instance, we recorded 103,522 job cuts versus some 70,000 in May 2007.

So watch as our CEO John Challenger appears on the Today Show June 5 at 7:40am to discuss this report.

John has made various other appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Wall Street Journal Radio, etc., all equally exciting. But the Today Show is always nice, and in the first hour too!

Here’s a recent clip from Bloomberg TV

And another…


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